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News: VIRTUALIZATION article- "newspaper clipping" (1pg)
Dr. Bard's writeup- global crusade for wireless med connections
Intro Doc: Advocacy for Professional Safety (1pg)
Who are we, what do we do + Funding opportunities
Document: Clarius L20 HD Device Review (5pgs)
Performance review + Patient scan samples / comparison with large format ultrasound
Flyer 1: Maritime Program - prototype (1pg)
Educational proposal for ocean vessels, sailing community, yacht clubs
Flyer: (Maritime 2) "Portable Ultrasound Goes Anywhere" (1pg)
(updated content + Clarius image)= Educational Seminar- Med Diagnostic Programs
Press Release (HSI): Portable Imaging in the High Seas
Dr. Bard Demo at Yacht Club
Flyer: LungScan - prototype (1pg)
Chest ultrasound screening for covid-related disorders / symptoms
Intro: First Responders Health Resource (1pg)
Overview about Firefighters Health Awareness (mission & vision)
Flyer: DermScan / Melanoma: "Are you sure it's NOTHING?" (1pg)
Not all problems are visible to the NAKED EYE
Document: LungScan Ultrasound Info for Covid-19 Triage (3pgs)
Public service info + article: Italian field scanning
REDS 2: Lung Ultrasound
Scan for Health Responders / Personal Bedside Scan for Home Screening
Document: Clinical Trial proposal package (3pgs)
Cancer Investigative Research innovation- treatment validation through imaging
Article: Overreading "How WIFI Changes Point of Care Medicine" (3pgs)
News/Info piece: "Virtual Radiology", D2D format, Going Portable
Flyer: Go Digital Imaging
List ideal uses for real-time imaging
STROKE Imaging: Technologies
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